Binweevils Login

Binweevils is a unique game and is most easily played after Moshi Monsters. But for the beginner needs a little guidance, for example to register as weevily than membership upgrade become Bin Tycoon. The most popular search I found my friends in London, UK is how with Binweevils Login?

Do not worry I will guide you all with simple steps.

Binweevils Login Tutorial

First if you are new player, you must register at scroll your mouse then visit 'Play Now' button.

Binweevils Login

You see a cute binpet juggling balls, very cool!

In next view, fill out your  a new Username (Do not use real name for safety reason), type password, then check ‘Save my detail on this computer’ then click PLAY NOW! Remember to write your username and password so you don’t forget them!
Binweevils Login

Done. Now you can play binweevils in free member. First you redirectly to your Nest (Bin Weevil's home) there are plenty of great places to discover, so take a look around and start exploring.

If you already have an account just go to then click Login (enter your username & password).

Binweevils Login Passwords Details

Binweevils Old Login

Become Bin Tycoon

Look at 'Membership' menu on top there are more benefit if you become Bin Tycoon (Bin Weevils Member). Please select a package you want take. Asking your parent how to do that for payment.

Every Bin Tycoon on Binweevils of course can access any VIP places and gifts like iconic top hat 'not available in shops', exclusive Bin Tycoon camera, monthly salari in dosh coins, amazing rewards on your Bincards.

Cool Stuff on Binweevils Bin Tycoon
Binweevils Dosh Coins

As a Bin Tycoon, you will get a monthly salary in the form of Dosh Coins. Your salary will continue to rise every month for a member, so you can spend a lot of money to buy new nest items, hats, food, a Bin Pet and grow your own business to earn even more income.

Run own business on Binweevils

Only Bin Tycoon who can open their own plaza up to 5 businesses, decorate and customize it then invite other member/friends to your plaza. Collect the most remarkable backgrounds from your Photo Studio then you & your friends take pictures then take it to home so beautiful to hang up on your nest rooms.

Write your own Binweevils Magazine

I think every weevily have great story for example take photos all around Binscape by using your exlusive Bin Tycoon Camera. It's nice way you go to the Editor's Office inside Flem Manor then write and publish your own Binweevils magazine so all friends can read it.

Earn Bonus Rewards on Binweevils

As I said before many rewards if you become bin tycoon, you need super seeds to grow Bin Garden quickly and earn more XP & Mulch. Every day binweevils login will get stamping BinCard, maybe there are discount vouchers to use in shop, also collect extra Dosh Coins.

Expand Binweevils Garden

Expand your garden so it can grow more plants with large areas, you know only Bin Tycoon can buy exclusive seeds in Garden Shop. Just imagine have rarest and very exotic plants. Wanna be popular in Bin Mag??

Get VIP Access on Binweevils

Tycoon Island is great private place for Bin Tycoon because can buy amazing stuff in most exclusive shops to decorate your own business and nest. I guarantee VIP treatment like binweevils parties and access exclusive areas also get more prizes there.