Moshi Monsters Free ROX Codes

You need ROX to buy items each shops and decorate room in Moshi Monsters, buy new house, change colour of your monster inside colourama at the port area also need spend 100 ROX. If on Binweevils game we known as Mulch or Dosh Coins, did you ever play it? Similarity of the both is some money to buy something property. To get the amount of ROX very much is easy in many ways of course it possible to all moshi members and non members.

Free ROX Codes for Moshi Monsters 2012

First, you have to do is enter moshi monsters sign in page then use following secret rox codes:

  1. MOSHIDOSH392 : 1000 Free ROX
  2. READERBONUS6 : 200 Free ROX
  3. 50MILLION : 100 Free ROX
  4. 3YELLOWPHONE : 100 Free ROX
  5. BRAINY101 : 200 ROX
  8. 9tamesun : 100 ROX 
  9. jellyspring : 30 ROX 
  10. heartflower : 50 ROX 
  11. snoodlenoodle : 70 ROX
How to Get ROX on Moshi Monsters Without Using MoPod Codes

Hello, it's a second part you can do it by playing games and doing something.

1. Go to Puzzle Palace, just play Daily Challenge. Should earn more by try answer all questions correctly. Additionally it's very good to help you level up.

Moshi Monsters Puzzle Palace

Rox Trees at The Port Moshi Monsters
2. Go to The Port (member only), Shake each ROX Trees then pick up rox that fall to the ground. I see 7 Rox trees planted here and you can harvest it once each week.

3. Playing Underground Disco (member only) similar guitar hero in Playstation really fun. Make your monster dancing and following the music that you've been choose. To go here you can find a pieces of wood that emit tones at Monstro City in front of Bizarre Bazaar.

Moshi Monsters Underground Disco

4. Another tips to earn rox fast is you can leave a comment on every The Daily Growl post update at Buster Bumblechops give you chance for receive some thousand random Rox. The winners were announced almost every day, readers see you room's link and add as your friend.


  1. you missed one go to main street and then click on the basket where the picnic is play that and collct the musffins then youll get 30 and kepe ding level one and you get heeps

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