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Buster Bumblechops is an expert in Monstro City because he has farm moshlings so when you keep a moshling inside your zoo, he know everything secret about monster's pet. I first saw him on moshi monsters when there was a duty call from Super Moshi Mission to volcano HQ. Since then I knew Buster Bumblechops was like a rabbit, has a thick mustache and white hair even looks old but very cute.


I still remember the featured video on Moshi TV told a story he went to jungle Big Bad Bill is a Woolly Blue Hoodoo.. it's album available on MUSIC ROX!

June 2012 Buster released book The Moshling Collector's Guide that load full secret codes, hints and tips collecting as many as possible Moshlings around the wild. He gives us earch moshling insider info like biography, what they like and dislike, habitat, seeds combination, also Puzzle games you must solve.

The Moshling Collector's Guide from Buster Bumblechops

Wanna be moshling expert in moshi monsters? The Buster's notes is extracts from his diary will guide you! in addtion get exclusive poster.

Some of the questions often asked moshi friends to me:
  1. buster@moshimonsters.com how to get roxy
  2. buster@moshimonsters.com how to get blingo
  3. buster@moshimonsters.com how to get dustbin beaver and gabby
  4. buster@moshimonsters.com how to get tingaling and lady goo goo
All of the above questions buster can answer in his perfect book.

Second book released called Buster's Lost Moshlings, I think it's similar with Where is moshling Wally?

Buster's Lost Moshlings book

Hide and seek you must find a moshling shown at hidden area "take look carefully"
The Underground Disco, Ooh La Lane, Moshi Fun Fark, etc. each page has a different task moshling search in various place MAP from The Underground Disco, Ooh La Lane, Moshi Fun Fark, etc.. you have to finish it until the last page. For example after accomplish all the secret seed of Blingo code will be revealed to using when Moshi Monsters Sign In then just plant a Hip Hop Hibiscus seed on your garden, wait until 6 hours, moshling Blingo will come.

Buster's Lost Moshlings - The Undergroud Disco

Now, Moshi Monsters work together with Apple system created Buster's Lost Moshlings Apps designed for iPhone and iPad. This game has good rating after many user played on that two gadgets. We can download the game Here from itunes.

One more! Buster Bumblechops has new product named  Moshling Zoo Nintendo DS

Moshling Zoo Nintendo DS

These my nintendo I bought from www.moshlingzoo.com last week.

Moshi Monsters Moshling Zoo on Nintendo DS is best game I have, over 50 million players across over 150 countries worldwide have played it. I was very entertained there are a lot of features such us collect 52 common, rare and ultra-rare moshlings, solve educational puzzles, play mini games. If I win I get awards and trophies to put in my zoo. May be you need a little screenshot:

Moshi Monsters Moshling Zoo on Nintendo DS

I recommend 9 value for moshi monsters fans to buy this game, has quality graphics, promising fun and stimulates your brain to find ways. Let's explore the world and unlock moshi rewards.

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