Mr. Moshi Sent a Letter to YOU, Monstro City!

Everyone liked Moshi Monsters when they introduced the new moshlings and missions. I think all friends included me always start to go to to check out the latest Moshi updates like news, tips and secret codes.

I got a letter from Mr. Moshi

Now, I'll read it for you:
Happy Goo year everyone!

What an amazing year it has been! The world of Moshi continues to grow in all sorts of weird and wonderful ways. I've been particulary impressed by the number of new Moshling species that have been uncovered. Coo Loco the Naughty Nutter is probably my current favourite Moshling because of its crazy antics and love of Bongo Colada.

The Best Ever Moshi Monsters Cheats

Today, I have been completed on Moshi Monsters, collecting useful cheats and tips so you can easy to play. Please share this page to your facebook friends, retweet or Google plus. I think anybody will be happy know this secret.

The Best Ever Moshi Monsters Cheats

Check it out:

1. Mopod and Arby's codes

2. Secret Moshlings

3. Faster growing Moshling Seeds

Plant any desired Moshling Seeds. Log off and wait between five and twenty minutes. Log back in and your plant will have grown.

Log on and check how your Moshling Seeds are doing. Plant some if desired, then play some games while for 10 to 15 minutes. Return and check on the Moshling Seeds. There is no need to log off.

Bin Tunes Songwriting Competition at Club Fling

Bin Tunes Songwriting Competition at Club Fling

Are you ready to write a Bin-tastic tune? Head into the Bin Tunes music studio at Club Fling and listen to Bunty and Posh's party anthem, Girls Rule!


It's about super-cool parties, chilling with the girls, and having a great time with your best friends! Girls rule!


BUNTY: I've always got the latest gossip and I love to share celeb news with my buddies!

POSH: Planning a nest party is one of my favourite things-the more bling the better, and of course you need some great tunes!


When you're writing lyrics, close your eyes and imagine yourself in front of thousands of screaming fans, singing in your superstar voice. Giving yourselft an audience to sing to always helps!

Get One Free Moshling Everyday during Twistmas

Did you already know the breaking news from Buster Bumblechops? just check out when you login and entering the moshi home, you will get notice in a splash screen that tell you a secret of Moshling Eggs during 12 days of Twistmas.

Get One Free Moshling Everyday during Twistmas

That is mean you should take a New Moshling Egg everyday on main street. You can get a secret moshling for free each 24 hours (GMT timezone). This special Twistmas gift started from 20th of December until 31th.

Moshi Monsters Twistmas Codes, Song and Video

Merry Christmas my moshi friends! Here is a good news. You can see the appearance of Moshi staffers singing a song called "Moshi Monsters Twistmas". Are there happiness and joy which make your family and friends impressed?