Mr. Moshi Sent a Letter to YOU, Monstro City!

Everyone liked Moshi Monsters when they introduced the new moshlings and missions. I think all friends included me always start to go to to check out the latest Moshi updates like news, tips and secret codes.

I got a letter from Mr. Moshi

Now, I'll read it for you:
Happy Goo year everyone!

What an amazing year it has been! The world of Moshi continues to grow in all sorts of weird and wonderful ways. I've been particulary impressed by the number of new Moshling species that have been uncovered. Coo Loco the Naughty Nutter is probably my current favourite Moshling because of its crazy antics and love of Bongo Colada.

It's not all been peace and happiness in the world of Moshi though... Dr. Strangeglove and his army of glumps have been up to their usual tricks and caused plenty of mayhem.

Thank goodness for the brave Super Moshis who have battled to keep Monstro City safe whilst also rescuing our new friends, the Zoshlings... TWICE! Great work!

Until next time, Happy Monsterings!
Mr. Moshi Sent a Letter to YOU, Monstro City!

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