The Best Ever Moshi Monsters Cheats

Today, I have been completed on Moshi Monsters, collecting useful cheats and tips so you can easy to play. Please share this page to your facebook friends, retweet or Google plus. I think anybody will be happy know this secret.

The Best Ever Moshi Monsters Cheats

Check it out:

1. Mopod and Arby's codes

2. Secret Moshlings

3. Faster growing Moshling Seeds

Plant any desired Moshling Seeds. Log off and wait between five and twenty minutes. Log back in and your plant will have grown.

Log on and check how your Moshling Seeds are doing. Plant some if desired, then play some games while for 10 to 15 minutes. Return and check on the Moshling Seeds. There is no need to log off.

Moshling Seeds only grow fast if you play puzzles for fifteen to twenty minutes. The puzzle require one minute per game. Do not log off. If you do not play puzzles you will have to wait more than ten hours.

Go to main street and buy flowers any type at the cart. Go home click on your door. Go to the garden then plant the seeds, Log off for 10 to 25 minutes then log back in. Then will grow very fast. Plant your seeds, log out, and wait for about three hours. Log back on and your flower should be close to or fully grown. If it is close to fully grown, log out again for about thirty minutes.

Plant your seeds, then log out for then minutes. Log on again and your flower will have grown about 1 cm.

4. Rox Plant

Plant any two seeds and wait until they are fully grown. Then, plant a third seed. Leave the moshling Gardens then immediately go back in. If there is a small blue object instead of your plant, do not dig it up. Just allow it grow.

5. Easy leveling

Note: this works if you are nearly at another level. Buy two of your monster's favorite food twice. Feed both of them to it. Log out and wait for five minutes. Log back in again and go to the mall. Buy the cheapest clothes you can find and go to the dress up room. Put them on and go to your house. You will then reach the next level. If desired you can take off the clothing.

Play the game every day. Each time you go on, play the daily challenge. Your Levelometer should have gone up significantly. Then, play three to five other puzzles. This should increse it again. Also, plant Moshling seeds to make your levelometer increase. After all that is done, go back home and you may level up.

Enter your monster's house then click the "View Profile" option above your monster's health bar. Learn what his favorite food is, then buy it. Give it to your monsters. Also find out its favorite game and play it.

Read your monsters profile and learn their favorite food and game. Buy the food before the stock ends (every fifteen minutes). Feed it to your monster. Play the daily challenge. If done well, the levo-meter will increase, however level 3 and over will not level up immediately afterwards. Play your monster's favorite game. Try to beat your record and the meter will go up slightly. Buy more favorite foods and feed them.

When your monster's health and happiness is 400 or less, do daily challenge. Log off. On the next day, do the same thing again. Repeat this for one or two weeks, then give your monster lots of food.

Go to Puzzle Palace and play the daily challenge. This increase your level significantly. If you are very close to finishing your currently level this will work better. Then, do a few puzzles from the Hall Of Puzzles. If it does not work, then do the entire hall. You will also get a lot of Rox.

6. Horrods: Replace Acid Fountain

Note: You must be a member. Go to Horrods. If the acid fountain is not there, go to the Port. Go into Colorama and turn the monster red and blue. Then, go home with a Cup O Gruel. Eat the Cup O Gruel. Go to Bab's Boutique and get a tag of the monster that you are. Go to Horrods and the Acid Fountain might have replaced something on the end of the top line.

7. Butter game

Avoid getting hit by bugs. They will make you lost time. Do get hit the beetles. They make you lose double time. Try to get large amounts of butterflies.

8. Restoring health

When your monster's health is very low, click the door and go onto Main Street. Go to the food shop ad buy a Roarberry Cheese Cake. Go home and feed it to your monster. Its health bar should increase a lot. To have it go up a bit more, look in your monster's profile and buy its favorite food. If this does not work, buy more cheesecake.

9. Having your monster talk

When at home, click your monster's head. Your monster will say various things. If you change what your house looks like, your monster will comment on it.

10. Get two Moshlings at a time

Plant Dragon Fruit, Love Berry, and Magic Beans. When they are fully grown you will see two Moshlings.

11.Easy Daily Challenge

If you are doing very badly in the Daily Challenge and have a large number of questions wrong, click "Home" before the quiz ends. Then, go back to the puzzles and you can do it again.

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