How to Get Pip Moshling on Moshi Monsters

Everyone ever seen the Savvy Sapling or we call him as Pip moshling on also if you watch Super Moshi Missions Series 2 trailer.  I love his habitat that moshling Pip can be found hide inside undergrowth Wobbly Woods. Shrewman said looks the tree holes hidden.

Pip Moshling on Moshi Monsters

Shape of his head likes a mushroom but actually he is Nutties set number #9 Common. Orange bean helmet large enough with a green leaf. Very cute..

How to Get Pip moshling is you must buy the My Moshi Home Playset from our store likes Amazon or Argos for £39.99. I think cheaper after you see what you get. Just use moshi monsters code inside this toys in form Nutty Flip seed code then plant it with any 2 other seeds!
After 6 hours and you'll get moshling Pip from your garden.

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