Moshi Cupcakes Cheats on Candy Cane Caves

Moshi monsters cupcake cavern has long opened in candy caves and my moshi friends is a lot like this game they say "hey guys it's similar to cooking academy" but here we can produce little moshlings pictures depending on the cake combination that you created. Your skill for make a cookie dough recipe is needed and imagination of course in order to produce a cute creature every moshi monsters names like expected moshling. I'll tell you secret of moshi monsters codes from buster bumblechops as a excellent chief cooking I think.

First go to MAP then enter Candy Cane Caves:

Moshi Monsters Candy Cane Caves

Play game inside Cupcake Cavern:

Moshi Monsters Cupcake Cavern

Moshi Monsters Cupcakes Game

As we know there are over 40 moshlings around the wild but in this moshi cupcakes game currently 15 moshlings are available to attract and shot the photo namely Chop Chop, Squidge, Ecto, Dipsy, Jeepers, McNulty, Sooki-Yaki, Tiki, General Fuzuki, Shelby, DJ Quack, IGGY, Liberty, Mr. Snoodle, and White Fang.

Game Guides:
  • The ingredients look very delicious! Mix according to your taste and then put into the bowl. Stir with a spoon until all the dough evenly.
  • Looks good! pour the dough into each mold to taste.
  • Wait a seconds in the oven until cooked.
  • Now decorate your cupcake with a colour, icings, and put toppings above it and around.
  • Ok, look a moshling who likes it! what do you get?
All Moshi Cupcakes Cheats

Chop Chop
-Cake: Plain (Do not add anything)
-Icing: Any icing, any colour.
-Toppings:any number of Nuts

-Cake: Plain (Do not add anything)
-Icing: Medium Swirl Strawberry
-Toppings:any number of Slopcorn

-Cake: Cocoa and Orange
-Icing: Big Swirl Chocolate
-Toppings:any number of Sludge Fudge and any number of Chocolate Chips

-Cake: Vanilla
-Icing: Thin Splat White
-Toppings: any amount of Barfmellows

-Cake: Plain (Do not add anything)
-Icing: Big Swirl White
-Toppings: any amount of Star Candy and Sludge Fudge

-Cake: Plain (Do not add anything)
-Icing: None
-Toppings: None

-Cake: Cocoa and Vanilla
-Icing: Medium Swirl Pink
-Toppings: any number of Choclate Chips

General Fuzuki
-Cake: Cocoa
-Icing: Big Swirl Green
-Toppings:any number of Cherries

-Cake: Cocoa
-Icing: Big Swirl Bluberry
-Toppings: any number of Cherries

DJ Quack
-Cake: Orange
-Icing: Big Swirl Green
-Toppings: any number of Scummi Worms and star candy

-Cake: Plain (Do not add anything)
-Icing: Big Swirl Green
-Toppings:any number of Sludge Fudge

-Cake: Plain (Do not add anything)
-Icing: Thin Splat Chocolate
-Toppings:any number of Star Candy

-Cake: Cocoa
-Icing: Medium Swirl Vanilla
-Toppings:any number of Chocolate Chips

White Fang
-Cake: Vanilla
-Icing: Big Swirl Chocolate
-Toppings: one of everything

Mr. Snoodle
-Cake: Cocoa, Orange Splat, and Vanilla
-Icing: Thin Splat Blueberry
-Toppings: None