How to Get Furnando Moshling on Moshi Monsters

Furnando moshling called the blue Jeepers. You can see it if you play super moshi season 2 mission 6 "Welcome to Jollywood". Being a mystery the rumor of his out as exclusive moshling along with Pip. You should get Furnando moshling code inside upcoming Moshlings Theme Park DS or 3DS game out on October 26th preorder at similar when you was played Moshling Zoo Nintendo DS package with Nipper code. Please remember he is not in the Ultimate Collector's Guide so you should not find out from there.

Furnando Moshling on Moshi Monsters

Moshlings Theme Park DS or 3DS

Today I'm still waiting, if my friends asked any sign of Furnando please follow the update on this blog or watch information from Buster Bumblechops at The Daily Growl.

I think Furnando #115 is Ultra rare and Luckies set but nothing info about the Species. I love write this story after coming back from holiday and spend time with mom and dad in Olympics. There I was met moshi friends, they thought moshling Furnando is Judder but what do you think if look his eyes??

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