Moshi Monsters Codes for Food

You can use the latest secret MoPod or Arby codes to feed your monster because they are always hungry when health and happiness status is low, and you can not level up if a monster MOOD is bad. Did you know that get higher level can unlock more secret items for your monster. Therefore to keep him always happy you can go to Monstro City then entering Gross-Ery Store, ask Snozzle! He glad to meet you and say "Sprocket and Hubs have an extra Moshling seed for him, could you pick up? at Sludge Street". You can answer Of Course! or Maybe later.

Moshi Monsters Gross-Ery Store

Snozzle Moshi Monsters Gross-Ery Store

Slop Gross-Ery
Next feel free to browse the cheapest food price is 3 rox for Slop (Tastes disgusting, look vile, that Slop alright) on level 1. If you don't have enough money just use moshi monster codes for free rox.

Best idea to get maximum health and happines the fastest way all of you should enter moshi monsters codes for free food before game login.

Food  Food Codes
BarfMallows BARF8
Green CUB8
Bangers and Mash     MASH4
Essence of Blue SANDY2
Mice Crispies MICE9
Pepper Popcorn PEPCORN
Slop Corn CORN
Slurp Slurp Slushie SLURP3
Spam Burger ECTO
Spider Lolly SPDER
Swirl Berry Muffin SWIRL6

After get the food, go back to your moshi home, drag drop food to monster's mouth from your treasure chest. Yum yum delicious!!